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High School Students Learning the Skilled Trades

Posted by Brad Dixon

Photo courtesy of CKWS Newswatch

This is the kind of program we love seeing! 

For the past 25 years, Limestone School Board in Kingston, Ontario has offered a building construction internship program to their students, and last semester, these students worked alongside skilled trades people to build homes in an area subdivision. 

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Why you Should Care about Canada's Skilled Trades Talent Shortage

Posted by Brad Dixon


This isn't the first time I've brought it up, and I doubt it will be the last — there is a skilled trades talent shortage in Canada. In a recent ManpowerGroup survey, 32% of hiring managers in Canada and the U.S. said they are having a hard time finding licensed skilled trades workers to fill their positions, making 2015 the fourth consecutive year that saw a scarcity in skilled trades workers.

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