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Why more New Graduates are getting Skilled Trades Training in Ontario

Posted by Brad Dixon



As students graduate and prepare to enter the workforce, many new graduates find themselves in the situation that the career they were interested in at the beginning of their education doesn't align with where their interest lie now. Or, in other cases, they may find that the degree or diploma that they completed isn't enough to get them an ideal career.

With the increased trades shortage in Canada, it isn't surprising that when faced with these challenges, graduates' interests are shifting toward the skilled trades, a specialized industry that holds the promise of a rewarding career upon the completion of necessary training and certification.

Kickstarting a skilled trades career in Ontario

If you have already completed a degree or diploma, it is understandable that you may be hesitant to jump head first into more school, both because of the time and financial investment. Take the time to explore the skilled trades careers in Ontario that interest you. Not sure you want to stay in province? Check out national skilled trades job boards to see what is available across Canada.

Take an inventory of the skills, traits, talents and workplace qualities associated with a numbed or skilled trades industries and compare them to your own interests and skills — and don't forget, just because you may not think you possess the skills necessary for a career yet, you can learn (and learn quickly!).

Explore the training and certification requirements for the trades in Ontario

In transitioning into a job in the skilled trades, you are making a commitment to continue your education. That said, it doesn't have to be another years-long endeavour like your college or university education. If you choose a career as a gas technician in Ontario, you can complete your training in just 17 weeks!

Do you research to find the skilled trades job you are interested in and determine what Certificate of Qualification is needed to pursue the career you want. If you know you want to enter the trades but aren't sure where to start, a gas technician license is a great way to kick off your career — it's the gateway trade!

Explore skilled trades education funding options

For recent graduates who are considering pursuing skilled trades training in Ontario, the thought of investing even more money into an education can feel daunting. The good news is, there are funding options available and once you enter the trades, you'll have the opportunity to make more money than many entry-level jobs that college and university graduates are pursuing.


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