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The Demand for HVAC Technicians Expected to Rise

Posted by Brad Dixon

The North American market for HVAC systems is growing, with projections for the year of 2022 calling for the market surpassing $44 billion. This boost is expected to come from the growing consumer need for more energy efficient HVAC systems, which will require installation from HVAC technicians.

If the market for these systems does grow in the expected way, the need for more qualified professional HVAC technicians will grow, making now a better time than ever to look into taking a course to get a G3 license.

Energy Efficient Focus

The market gearing towards a more eco-friendly approach is something that's been going on for a while. With high energy costs in Ontario there is a financial benefit for home owners, while also giving them the benefit of lowering their carbon footprint.

It's not just consumers focused on being energy efficient - it's companies as well. Major players in the industry are changing their product dynamics and innovating to make their products more technologically advanced, as well as energy efficient.

HVAC Jobs in Demand

As new systems hit the market that are energy efficient and eco-friendly, they will need to be installed to replace the old systems that exist in homes. This will require a trained and experienced and licensed HVAC technician, meaning there will be a rise in gas technician jobs in Ontario that will need to be filled.

Once you complete your training and get licensed as a gas technician, you may find yourself working for an HVAC or gas service company and will likely work servicing or installing new more modern systems. It's important for you now to understand these systems, and keep up to date with what is going on in the industry even when you have your license - that way, when the time comes, you're ready to take on any more training you need to and get working on these updated systems as soon as possible.

Get Your G3 License

Register now for our upcoming Gas Technician 3 course, a 5 week program which will allow you to graduate and get to work as soon quickly in gas fitting. The program will give you intensive hands-on training, where you'll learn about safety standards, tools and testing instruments used in the industry, the properties of fuel gasses, codes, acts and regulations you'll need to adhere to and follow, as well as an intro to electricity and customer relations.

You will leave this program licensed to install, activate or purge gas piping or tubing less than 2 inches in diameter, as well as reactivating previously installed or converted gas appliances. Look at our course calendar for more information on course start dates and when to register.

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