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Finding Satisfaction In Your Work As A Gas Technician

Posted by Brad Dixon

A growing number of people in the workforce don’t enjoy their job. It’s not just the characters in movies and TV who don’t like their office job - many people consider leaving jobs they feel stuck in and dislike to switch to a new career, but some people settle because they are nervous about going back.

There are a number of reasons why you should go back to school if you are lacking happiness or satisfaction in the work you do. Today we’re talking about some reasons why people who were unhappy in what they did chose and loved the skilled trades.

Working With Something “Real”

When we talk to students and graduates of the Skilled Trades Academy gas technician program, we often hear that students enjoy the trades because they enjoy working with something “real” and they leave work feeling accomplished. Many people find satisfaction in actually making something, and having something tangible and physical to show for their day at work.

The benefit of being a certified gas technician is that even on something as routine or what may seem mundane as a housecall to fix a furnace, you can leave that housecall feeling and the difference you’ve made with your work. If you’re the type of person who looks for this feeling in your work, gas technician training may be for you.

Room For Growth

Do you hate feeling stuck? Is your job a dead end? This isn’t a problem with gas technician jobs in Ontario. With work year round, and the ability to further your education and training with supplemental classes to make yourself more valuable to employers, there is room to grow within this career.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the trades are an excellent place to flex that muscle. With business skills, hard work, and some business training you can start making your own hours and be your own boss by taking on your own clients and advertising yourself.

Don’t Settle For Something You Don’t Love

Settling in a career you don’t love and aren’t passionate about doesn’t just impact your happiness during the hours you’re at work - it impacts your overall quality of life, and can even negatively impact the people around you if you are frequently unhappy. Don’t settle as though this is your only option - take the step towards a new career you know you’ll love, but you’ve been too wary to take.

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