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Do I Really Need a License to be a Gas Fitter?

Posted by Brad Dixon


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If you are thinking of pursuing skilled trades jobs in Ontario, it's important you understand everything that is required to become licensed in that particular trade. Each province in Canada has its own licensing requirements for specific skilled trades and its own governing authorities that oversee and enforce these requirements. In Ontario, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority is governing body when it comes to skilled trades licensing.

Certificate of Qualification

For some trades in Ontario, including Gas Technician, it is mandatory that skilled trades workers have a Certificate of Qualification (or "C of Q"). A Certificate of Qualification certifies that you have completed all training and passed the provincial qualification exams that assure your knowledge of the trade in which you will be working.

In order to work as a Gas Technician in Ontario, you must have you license as issued by the TSSA training provider. If you do not have the proper certification, it is illegal to hold a gas technician job in Ontario.

Mandatory Gas Technician Training

Because it is illegal to work as a gas fitter in Ontario without the required training and licensing, you will be hard pressed to find an employer who will hire you to work in the trades without verifying your certifications. 

The Ontario Energy Act covers the mandatory training and certification required for all Gas Technicians, which is administered by the TSSA (who answers to the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations in Ontario). Depending on the level of certification you are pursuing you will need to adhere to the following scopes of certification:

Gas Technician 3

Under the direct supervision of a person who is the holder of a G1 or G2 authorization you may install, activate or purge gas piping or tubing that is less then 2 inches in diameter; reactivate a previously installed or converted natural gas or propane appliance.

Gas Technician 2

You may install, inspect, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove a natural gas or propane appliance that has an input of 400,000 Btuh or less and the equipment and accessories essential to its operation.

Gas Technician 1

You may install, inspect, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove any natural gas or propane appliance and the equipment and accessories essential to its operation.


Luckily, if you are considering Gas Technician jobs in Ontario, your training doesn't have to take long. In fact, you can be a fully licensed G2 Technician in just 17 weeks!

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