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The Benefits of Booking A Tour At A Private Career College

Posted by Brad Dixon


When you’re choosing which school to attend for Gas Technician training, all of the information available about each trades school can be a little overwhelming. If you’re more of a hands-on learner, you may find that it’s easier for you to actually visit the schools rather than reading pamphlets and websites. This can help you get a feel for the school, and determine if this is somewhere you would like to study. There are a number of perks to booking a tour at a career college.

See Where You’ll Be Studying

When taking a tour of a school you are interested in, you’ll see firsthand where you’ll be studying. Registering for school is a significant time commitment, whether you study in an accelerated class that runs Monday through Friday, or a part-time class that runs a few nights per week, you will be spending a lot of time in the school setting. When you take a tour, you can get a feel for the classrooms and learning styles of the school before you get there to begin your education.

This is important because it will help you understand how successful you can be at that school. If you are a hands-on learner but throughout the tour, there is no lab, or clear opportunity for hands-on training, that school may not be the right choice for you. Touring the school is the only way to see for yourself if you will be comfortable and set up for success in that environment.

Meet Your Instructors Beforehand

On a tour, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet instructors and faculty members before you begin your class. This is the perfect opportunity to get a chance to speak one-on-one with these faculty members, addressing any concerns you have about training, or getting answers to questions you couldn’t find answers to in your own research.

You may also have the opportunity to meet current students who are in the course you’re interested in. Current students can offer you insight into what the course is like for students and offer some tips on how to prepare for when you begin your own course.

Answers To Questions You Haven’t Thought About Yet

Even if you come with a list of questions you’ve thought up or researched to ask the faculty or any current students, there is almost always something you’ll wish you had asked about once you begin the course. The advantage of booking a tour through the school is that these questions may come up while you’re there, and things you didn’t even think about can be answered on the spot by faculty.  

Get Comfortable From The Beginning

One of the biggest advantages of taking a tour through a private career college that you’re interested in is that you’ll begin to get comfortable in your surroundings even before day one. The anxiety that comes with beginning a new class, especially if you know no one else there, can be much easier to handle when you know the place that you’re studying and you are in familiar surroundings.

At the Niagara and Halton Skilled Trades Academies, we welcome everyone who is interested in any of our courses to book a tour of our facilities and meet with our faculty to answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to tour one of our campuses, click below to get in touch with a member of our team.

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