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Accelerated Gas Tech Courses Making Paying For School Easier

Posted by Brad Dixon

Students looking to enter the post secondary world have to decide between different lengths of study. Each institution varies slightly in what they offer, but it essentially comes down to three options: longer full time programs, usually running from 1-4 years at traditional universities and colleges, part-time programs offered at both traditional colleges and also private career colleges, and accelerated full-time programs offered at private career colleges.

Post-secondary education is commonly associated with it's high prices. There are ways, however, to get the education you need without breaking the bank completely. One option is to choose an accelerated and comprehensive full-time course at a private career college to get you out into the workforce and paying back your loans much more quickly.

Out of The Classroom, Into The Workforce

Our Gas Technician 3 and Gas Technician 2 programs offer accelerated education. The idea behind this style of courses is not to simply teach faster, but to ensure a more hands-on and immersive learning style for students. Students will leave in a shorter time frame with a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as gas technicians in the workforce.

Our full time courses, upon completion of your Gas Technician 2 exam, run for 17 weeks. This gives students the opportunity to get out of the classroom much more quickly and into full-time careers to begin paying back their student loans.

A Lower Price Tag

With traditional full time courses that run for, at minimum, 8 months, the cost is very steep. This only increases the longer the program runs as students have to continue paying every year.

With accelerated skilled trades training programs you only have to pay for the program that runs for a few months. The cost is typically less than traditional university or college, though programs that do have similar costs still work out to being cheaper in the long run without having such high living costs that extended programs do (for things such as rent for relocating for school, books for multiple years, etc).

Comprehensive Learning Can Lead to Higher Pay

Due to the immersive nature of an accelerated course, focusing on hands-on learning to teach the skills required for the trade, those who leave from private career colleges often leave more equipped to take on these jobs, and have the connections to help them find well-paying opportunities.

With less time in school you'll also have more time in the workforce to work your way up to a higher paying salary. By choosing an accelerated course, you can potentially be years in seniority over other workers your age.

Take The Next Steps Today

If you're interested in taking the next steps and taking an shorter course, our next Gas Technician course begins January 8. Click below for more information on our upcoming full-time course dates, or get in touch with us for more information on how to secure your seat.

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