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Starting your Certification Online - How does it Work?

Posted by Brad Dixon


For the last few weeks the Skilled Trades Academy has been hosting our Gas Technician classes online and we're pleased to report that it has been a great success. Both students and instructors have embraced online learning but many of you are wondering how it all works so here's some information on what to expect. 

How We Connect

Our online classes are deployed using Zoom video conferencing. Prior to the beginning of a course, students receive an email with an invitation to register, class schedule, links and passwords needed to attend class as well as some helpful guidance on getting started with Zoom. Online learning allows you to attend a class without the commute and from the comfort of your own home. We've worked hard to make the transition to online learning as seamless as possible so classes are scheduled as per the normal in-classroom schedule with your usual instructor.
Once in the virtual classroom, you'll be able to see your instructor and classmates on screen. You will also be able to ask questions throughout the class which the instructor will answer.  At the end of each module, we have created quizzes to keep you on top of your coursework as we know this new way of learning can take a bit of getting used to. So far the classes have been very successful with excellent feedback from students.

What Happens Next?

A large part of the courses offered at the Skilled Trades Academy is the hands on and practical experience learned in our state of the art facilities. As soon as classes are allowed to reopen, there will be a full review and hands on lab time for all students.  And as final exams are currently not being administered by the TSSA, we will ensure all students receive a full in-class review when the TSSA begins to administer exams again. 
We are staying up to date with advice from the Ontario Government and look forward to welcoming our students back to our campuses to complete their hands on training and become certified Gas Technicians. 

Intrigued and want to know more about the course we offer?  Click below for more information and helpful guidance on how to kick start your new career. 

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