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Montgomery Gas trusts the high calibre of graduates from the Skilled Trades Academy

Posted by Brad Dixon

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Montgomery Gas is owned by Scott and Laura Montgomery and has been serving the Niagara Region since 1987, originally under Scott’s father Jerry. They are extremely well regarded in the industry due to their commitment to customer service as well as their dedication to ensuring that their team is always learning and improving. The youngest Montgomery, Noah, aged 6, hopes to follow the same path as some of our graduates from Co-op placement to the Skilled Trades Academy and then to someday run the family business.

Here is what Scott and Laura had to say about their experience with the Skilled Trades Academy. 

At Montgomery Gas we have had the opportunity to support many co-op students. We have had a few students from Lakeshore Highschool, Ridgeway Crystal Beach Highschool, and one student who was homeschooled and we even had a couple “mature students". During their placements, all of our co-op students have exhibited an eagerness to learn the HVAC field and a desire to continue in it once the co-op program is complete. 

For us, the next logical step is to send them to school to get their fitter tickets. Once these students have completed the G3 and G2 courses at The Skilled Trades Academy, they return to us with the fundamentals both in TSSA Code theory and practical skills and are ready to be employed in a junior position. Once they return to us from school we are able to pair them up with a senior gas fitter and within a couple of years, they can run their own van and even be sent off to get their residential A/C ticket. 

We have found that investing in the co-op students gives us the flexibility to train these students and have them grow up with our company. We find pouring into the younger generation has more advantages than re-training someone that has been in the trade for years. Skilled Trades Academy has helped us achieve this goal and equips our students with the skills they need to begin a successful career with Montgomery Gas. 


The Canada-Ontario Job Grant Programme provides direct financial support to employers to deliver training to existing and new employees. Providing up to $10,000 per person for training, this allowed Montgomery Gas to upskill their team and open up doors to new business opportunities. The Skilled Trades Academy is proud to have Montgomery Gas as a partner and so far, the following graduates have gone on to join the team and enjoy a rewarding career.

  • Joe Kenyeres
  • Colin Coppard
  • Levi Mackenzie
  • Riley Montgomery
  • Austin McMullen
  • Ethan Huzinga
  • Ashtyn Ahern
  • Alex Dutcher

If you'd like to learn more about our courses, view our course calendar for upcoming course dates and program details. 


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