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Breaking Down Barriers For Women in the Skilled Trades

Posted by Brad Dixon


Women are more commonly being recruited into Ontario skilled trades training as the trades workforce continues to become more diverse. By 2020, it is expected that the need for skilled trades labourers will rise to almost 1.8 million workers Canada-wide.

Barriers are finally being broken down for women to work in the trades — the old stereotype that the trades isn’t for them is starting to disappear. Having women in the skilled trades isn’t just good for them — it is good for the industry as a whole.

More Diversity Means More Profitability

It has been proven that having a diverse workforce and promoting a culture of gender equality within a company can increase economic performance for that company. Research shows that a diverse team leads to more engaged, ambitious, innovative, and creative employees. It has also been shown to significantly reduce company turnover.

Opening Doors for Recruiting Women

Trades companies that have a reputation of hiring women, and are known as a good place for women to work have a higher chance of recruiting new hires. As the labour gap becomes more bigger in the trades, companies who have a reputation as unfriendly places for women to work will face a more difficult time hiring.

Young women are being encouraged now more than ever before to study the trades, which will increase the number of women applying to jobs once they have completed their Ontario skilled trades training. Creating a company culture which not only accepts, but encourages a diverse workforce will offer you a much wider pool of talent to choose from.

Women Workers Leads to Women Mentors

One thing we often hear that stops women from pursuing the trades is the lack of female mentors available to them as they start the career. Believe us when we say this is not true at all. Even though most trades are usually male dominated, meaning there are more males available to mentor young tradespeople, women do work in the trades successfully. If you are a young woman entering into the trades (or you know a young woman entering the trades), the best option is to connect with a local private career college and ask to be connected with any female graduates working in the trades.

The first step for young women entering in the trades is to find the best education they can. If you, or a young woman you know, is interested in Gas Technician training in Ontario, a private career college is the best choice. The Niagara and Halton Skilled Trades Academies offer superior, hands-on training to give students the skills they need to be successful once they graduate and begin working in the industry.

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