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Working While In School To Fund Your Skilled Trades Education

Posted by Brad Dixon

Many recent high school grads have a common issue surrounding their post secondary choice: it's very expensive.

Post secondary school, whether traditional university/college or a private career college comes with a large price tag. Post secondary education is worth it, however - it is an investment in your future to ensure you are ready to take on your career. A number of high school students who take time off between high school and post secondary do so with the intention of saving money. However, taking this year between school doesn't have to be the only way to pay for school.

Work During School With Part Time Courses

With part time, night school courses you can still maintain working a full time job during the day while completing your schooling at night. While night classes tend to run over longer periods of time (17 week as opposed to 5, for example) it is a way for students to earn while they learn. This is especially helpful for students in the skilled trades, as they can fit their studying in with their already typically busy schedules. 

Many people underestimate the cost of school, and don't consider things such as living expenses, book costs, and other costs that may be involved with specialized programs. The benefit of part time courses for these students is the ability to work and earn as they make these payments, to make back what they spend on these costs. 

Pay Back Loans Faster

For students who take out loans, it's easier with part time education to pay back those loans at a faster rate. They may be able to earn enough to require smaller loans to help subsidize the cost of their education, or they may be able to begin making payments towards repaying their loans before they even graduate.

Being able to save and repay loans faster help students save money in the long run. The faster the loans are paid back, the less interest they will be paying on them.

Upcoming Part Time Courses At Skilled Trades Academy

If you're interested in part time education, the Niagara and Halton Skilled Trades Academy has a new gas technician 3 course beginning on December 11. Our part time courses run two evenings per week, as well as a class on Saturdays. This allows part time students to continue working full time to fund their education.

Click below to secure your seat in our upcoming part time course.

full time gas techincican training november

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