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Why Women Love Working in the Trades

Posted by Brad Dixon


When you imagine an average skilled trades worker in your head, you’re probably picturing a man. It's not your fault, the industry is still stereotypically thought of as a man’s profession. And while, a majority of skilled trades workers are men, there are many women who find fulfilling careers in the skilled trades.

We’ve highlighted before that women can face some challenges breaking into the skilled trades industry, but that’s not to say that women can’t genuinely enjoy and love their careers. Here are some reasons why women love working in their chosen skilled trade.

Finding Confidence

There’s something to be said for someone who can pick up a power tool and use it without blinking, and that’s usually that they have to be pretty confident in themselves and their abilities. Skilled trades workers have to be confident in what they’re doing, because after all, if you’re installing HVAC systems or fitting gas lines, you can’t be unsure of what you’re doing.

Women who work in the skilled trades find ways to not second guess themselves, and are confident in their abilities. Having the confidence to trust in yourself to tackle problems and challenges makes for an incredibly rewarding career.

Girl Power!

There’s about to be a huge labour shortage in the skilled trades industry, with a large number of workers nearing retirement age. Experts are looking to women to close this gap and get them interested in skilled trades. Working in a skilled trade now, in such a male dominated field, starts paving the way for future girls who think this career might be for them.

Working in a changing field that’s slowly coming to be more accepting of gender diversity within the workforce is making history in itself, and every day showing up to work is an act of female empowerment.

Feeling accomplished

When you work in the skilled trades, you never walk off the job without knowing exactly what you accomplished. Whether you’ve installed an HVAC system, serviced a gas appliance in a home, or running pipes, every day you’ll know what you’ve done and can see something physical that you’ve accomplished.

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