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Transferable Skills Gained From Gas Technician Training

Posted by Brad Dixon on Jul 28, 2017 9:03:47 AM

When considering your career choice it's important not to box yourself into something that has no transferable skills. As you research where to begin taking the next steps to get ready for launching a career, look at a trade that offers skills that can transfer to different trades, depending on where life takes you.

There are no shortage of Gas Technician jobs in Ontario (quite the opposite, actually), but we do see many students go through our Gas Technician training, achieving their certifications, to go onto completing successful apprenticeships in other trades.

Skills Learned Are Skills in Other Trades

The skills gained from a Gas Technician program can be transferred across many different trades. You're not just limited to the HVAC industry - in fact, you'd be surprised at how many career opportunities in different trades come with being certified with your G2 license.

Students who successfully complete our Gas Technician program go on to other trades and areas in the workforce, such as plumbing, sheet metal, or electrical. The skills students learn about gas fitting transfer well over to continuing their education and learning about another trade.

Use Your Skills Right Away

With longer skilled trades programs that are less intensive, sometimes students find themselves in apprenticeships unsure about their skill set and unprepared to do anything other than minor unsavory jobs. Taking an intensive, accelerated program that offers you the chance to be certified in weeks (not years) results in you entering the workforce confident in the skills you have and ready to work.

If you decide to continue on with your education and take your G2 license to another trade, you can continue working in Gas Technician jobs in Ontario while completing further training. This path offers the added bonus of getting more hands on workforce experience, as well as making connections that can help you further your career later on.

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