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Spotlight on air conditioning apprenticeships

Posted by Brad Dixon on Jul 4, 2017 12:07:36 PM

Did you get your gas technician licence yet? If you have, you should know there are many opportunities within Ontario skilled trades jobs to get you to the career you want! We’re spotlighting an air conditioning apprenticeship as a possible next step for you into a limitless industry.

Why an air conditioning apprentice?

As the summer begins to take its full force, air conditioning becomes a vital need in many homes and offices in order help them live out their day-to-day activities. As homes and businesses are increasingly in need of air conditioners and repairs, the rising demand for air conditioner technicians as a result makes it an attractive market to work in.

The main areas of the job include: identifying problems, installing units, and being responsible for maintaining/repairing the units. In air conditioning apprenticeships you are able to expand and show your skills in other complementary areas as you also become responsible installing pumps, air ducts, vents, and water supply lines. This job provides a full range of skills that you get to use and makes every day different and exciting.

What you need to know

Employers favour air conditioner technicians who have G2 and G3 license providing a foundation to jumpstart your career compared to those who have yet to get their gas technician licence.

Not only do you have an advantage in terms of knowledge, completing your gas technician license offers to major additional benefits.

Firstly, you are at an advantage because with the licence you are required to finish an apprenticeship with a certified HVAC provider, giving you full access and knowledge into the demands, skills and workload. Secondly, with this Red Seal Certification you are able to work anywhere in Canada, taking you to exciting new places and beginning your career with no boundaries.

Why should you consider this career?

After finishing your air conditioning apprenticeship, you can pick from a buffet of options allowing for a full-time workload keeping you busy and financially stable that allows you to personalize your career to fit your interests and goals. Air conditioning technicians who finish their apprenticeship can be independent contractors providing an entrepreneurial adventure, or work for a company who focuses on your existing interests from business to residential.

Air conditioning technicians, as we know, don’t only work on air conditioners. Refrigeration units use similar technology that requires the same set of skills, optimizing your licence and certification in more than one area.

With so many possibilities under one job description, air conditioner technicians are on the rise and in demand as an increasing market of needs continue to grow within the next five years. With an exciting future ahead, are you ready to begin your career as an air conditioning technician?

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