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Skilled Trades Aren't Just For Men

Posted by Brad Dixon

Many skilled trades jobs in Ontario remain unfilled as there are more tradespeople retiring than there are tradespeoples entering the workforce. There has been a lot of discussion about how to best help fill these gaps in the workplace, and it's becoming more and more apparent that women are likely to help meet these needs.

In the skilled trades sectors, approximately 5% of the workforce are women. This statistic includes all trades, such as more traditionally assumed female fields like hair styling and aesthetics.

Is this still a trend?

Unfortunately it is difficult for women to break into a male dominated trades job market. Even though women are within the top percentage of their classes, they are still the ones to be hired last.

When choosing an employee, employers look at more than just qualifications, corporate culture and fit is a large part of their choice. In many instances, employers find that women are unable to fit into the corporate world.

Breaking the Trend

Even with all the stigma that surrounds women within the trades, more women are trying to break into the male dominated skills trades force in Ontario. This is creating hope that women are able to break through the stigma and carve a place for women in the trades.

Due to a labour shortage, this is the time for any women who has considered a career in gas tech to take the next steps. Women are able to provide a different perspective and voice to the gas tech industry, which is important in such a quickly changing career. Overall women are a long term solution for the skills shortage problem and they add diversity into the workplace.

Take The Next Steps

By working in the trades women are able to contribute to Canada’s economy by doing a hands-on jobs they have always been interested in. The best way to get women into these trades is to look for a private career in College . Private Career Colleges provide the best and fastest training possible to be able to join the workforce in a timely manner.

If you're a woman who is interested in working as a certified gas technician, we have an upcoming Gas Technician 3 course at our Halton Campus started December 11. Seating for the course is limited, so click below to secure your spot in the class.

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