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Why Ontario skilled trades training should be your next step

Posted by Brad Dixon

As a high school student nearing graduation, it's time to start thinking about the next step you should be taking. Most resources for post-secondary choices only list public universities or colleges, and often encourage students to get their diploma or degree. While this is a path many students take and enjoy, it's not for everyone.

Your next steps can be just as rewarding if you opt for a certification or training program in the skilled trades. Due to this idea that the only viable next steps are to college or university, many skilled trades positions are going unfilled and causing a serious trades shortage in Canada.

Consider a private career college

In order to get the training necessary to work in Ontario skilled trades jobs, you can get your training an Ontario private career college. Thinking that you may get a subpar education at a private career college is simply untrue; when attending a private college like the Skilled Trades Academy, you learn the most up to date theory of a trade.

In the classroom you will learn the theory of working in a trade, as well as up to date safety standards, so that when you get to the workforce you will know exactly what you are doing. At a PCC you will also experience hands-on learning, and use the knowledge learned in the classroom to create tangible results in your apprenticeship. Choosing the skilled trades as your next step requires dedication, focus, drive and hard work, and can lead to an incredibly fulfilling career.

Less time in school, more rewarding career

The average university or college program runs for 2-4 years. This is a long time for many students, and some students get discouraged after a few years in the program. Many students switch out, or find they aren't learning in the style they want to be learning, especially students who don't want to sit in a lecture hall every day.

Working in the skilled trades requires less time in class, and more time learning hands-on, actually doing work you would be doing in the workforce. Ontario skilled trades training at the Skilled Trades Academy can be completed in just 4 months, with you fully licensed and ready to take on the workforce!

For more information on how to get a career in the skilled trades started, download our free Career Guide today.

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