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Ontario Gas Technician Training Grads Likely To Find Work

Posted by Brad Dixon on Oct 6, 2017 2:26:05 PM

When faced with choosing a post-secondary school and a career, one of the biggest factors for both students and their parents is whether or not their choice is employable. The job market isn't favourable to every degree, and the percentage of students who don't find work in their field after graduation has risen in recent years.

In fact, the most recent stats indicate that more than 25% of Canadian workers find themselves working on jobs that they are overqualified for with a university or college degree. There is one industry where this stat does not reflect accurately, and that is the Ontario skilled trades industry.

The Ontario Skilled Trades Shortage

Ontario faces a skilled trades deficit currently. This problem stems from some public educational institutions lacking in comprehensive courses to introduce the trades to students, a lack of emphasis on trades as a career path, and the fact that a stigma does still, unfortunately, surround trades work.

Unless the rate of certified workers in the industry skyrockets in the next few years, they will maintain a rate of more jobs available than qualified graduates in that field. 39% of businesses currently operate at a reduced ability due to a lack of employees, which means that a graduate from a skilled trades program is in high demand.

Choosing A Trade

"Skilled trades" is a wide umbrella term, referring to a number of different industries. When choosing which trade to get your education in, consider enrolling in Ontario Gas Technician training. As a certified Gas Technician, you will be able to work in a number of different environments. You can work in residential homes, commercial buildings, or even on construction sites.

Graduates from Gas Technician training can also find themselves working for themselves. There is a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial opportunity in the trades, as long as you have the commitment. If you have a passion for the trades, and also are passionate about starting your own business, Gas Technician training is the perfect choice for you.

Choosing The Right Training

Before any of that can start, however, you need to choose the right training. Our private career college offers small class sizes for a comprehensive, hands-on education. You are taught by industry experts and equipped with the knowledge and skills required to not just get a job after you complete your training, but succeed in that job.

For more information on upcoming courses, or why our Gas Tech 3 program is right for you, get in touch with the Skilled Trades Academy today. Click below to see more information on our course dates.

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