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Not Sure What You Want To Do Next? Try Gas Technician Training

Posted by Brad Dixon

Many students who leave high school choose to take a year between graduating high school and beginning post secondary. There are a number of reasons students do this, from taking time off to work and save money, to being unsure of what to go to school for.

If you or someone you know falls into the category of young adults who took time off because they couldn't decide which path to take after high school, we offer a solution: Gas Technician training. The Skilled Trades academy runs a number of Gas Technician training courses throughout the year, offering both part and full time courses to fit into any schedule.

Why might Gas Technician training be the answer? We're glad you asked.

Lots of Opportunities

Canada, and specifically Ontario, is experiencing a skilled trades labour shortage. There are more jobs in existence for skilled trades workers than there are graduates of any skilled trades programs. This leaves a lot of positions unfilled, and offers a number of opportunities for those who choose to study the trades.

When you think of a Gas Technician, the first image that pops into your head is probably of someone working on a gas furnace. While this is a part of what you may find yourself doing on the job as a licensed Gas Tech, it isn't the only thing you'll be doing. Other Gas Tech job opportunities include working on opening or closing pools with gas powered pool heaters, installing or repairing gas BBQ's or fireplaces. You'll also find yourself working on gas appliances in a home. These opportunities provide work all year round.

Flexible Classes

If you're looking to not be in school for a long time, Gas Technician training can be done in accelerated programs that offer you the chance to be certified with your G3 license in just 17 weeks. If you require a less rigorous schedule with more time to work a full time job as you study for your career, you can study on a part time basis, getting certified in just 8 months on a schedule with two night classes and one Saturday class per week.

Studying to be a gas fitter also allows you to study in a hands on capacity with small class sizes. The small class sizes means that instructors get to know every student well, and be more successful at helping the students succeed in their learning and their careers, once they leave the programs.

Choose The Skilled Trades Academy

At the Skilled Trades Academy, we offer all of the above, and are committed to student success. If you're at all interested in taking the next steps to working in a fulfilling and exciting career, contact our team at the Skilled Trades Academy today.

We have a number of upcoming course that will have you ready to work in as little as 17 weeks. Our small class sizes are a definite perk, but that does mean that there are limited seats available. Click below for more information on the class, and to secure your seat.

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