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Why Take an Introduction to Residential Air Conditioning Course?

Posted by Brad Dixon


We are excited to announce that we are now offering a new course at the Skilled Trades Academies to give our students and graduates a well-rounded education in the HVAC industry in Ontario. Beginning this August, we will be offering an Introduction to Air Conditioning course.

What is the Into to Air Conditioning Course?

This course is designed specifically for those who are looking to get into the air conditioning trade and want a head start on their education and is similar to pre-apprenticeship courses offered by traditional colleges.

The course does not culminate in a license or certificate to work on residential air conditioning systems in Ontario, but rather prepares students to become a residential air conditioning system mechanic. However, while no provincial license is awarded, at the Skilled Trades Academies, we provide a completion certification (not a valid trade license). This means that you will not be legally allowed to work on air conditioning systems until you have completed the course or are a registered apprentice.

What is covered by the Intro to AC Course?

Basically, the course is a quick and thorough course (just 4 days!) that teaches students how residential air conditioning systems work and the basic tools required to work on these systems.

Our course includes theoretical and practical training dealing with:

  • Residential air conditioning system component identification
  • Tools used when working on residential air conditioning systems
  • Residential air conditioning system theory & operation
  • Residential air conditioning system maintenance
  • Residential air conditioning system installation requirements
  • Basic trouble shooting & service for residential air conditioning systems

Why take the Intro to Air Conditioning Course?

If you are already working as a gas technician for an HVAC company, you are likely already working around residential air conditioning units. It would be a great addition to your skill set to branch into AC servicing on top of your gas fitting work.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased chance of getting a rewarding HVAC job in Ontario
  • Improved chances of enrolling as an air conditioning apprentice
  • Job advancement in the HVAC company you may already be employed at

Our next Introduction to Air Conditioning course begins on October 4. Click below for more information and to register.

Find out more about the Introduction to Air Conditioning Course


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