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Getting your Gas Technician Licence: How to Schedule It All In

Posted by Brad Dixon



When you are considering going back to school part-time to get your gas technician license (or any other skilled trade certification, for that matter), you are probably already juggling many other responsibilities — a family, a job, a home. You're busy, and becoming a part-time student will just add to your already full schedule. It will take some planning and creativity when it comes to time management, but here are some ways to schedule it all in.



When you have a full schedule, you probably won't be able to everything you normally would, or everything you'd like to do. That doesn't mean you have to give up activities that are important to you, but definitely recognize your limits, prioritize your schedule and organize your time. 


Use a calendar and make lists

The best way to know what you have going on and when you have to do it is by using a calendar and making to-do lists. Keep everything in one place, whether you prefer a day planner, your smart phone or your computer. Include everything you have to do each day — skilled trades training, appointments, work, etc. — and going to school part-time for you gas technician license will become much easier.


Focus on your goals

You are going back to school for a reason, you want to get certified in the skilled trades and find that successful career in Ontario. Set deadlines, mark them in your calendar and reward yourself when you reach them. And don't be afraid to ask your family and friends for help. You will need a support system, you can't do it all on your own.


Slip into survival mode

As you near the end of your gas technician course, you'll have to start preparing for your final exam. This is going to take some extra focus, time and energy, so get ready to slip into survival mode to get it all done. Let everyone know when your skilled trades certification exam is so they know you will be less available and may need a bit more support. And make sure to mark important dates in your calendar so they don't sneak up on you!


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