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Upgrade Employees Skills with Intro to Air Conditioning Course

Posted by Brad Dixon

When you hire students from the Skilled Trades Academy, you know they are well trained and equipped with a wide skill set and are ready to take on work as gas fitters. However, training for employees doesn't have to end when they are finished their G3 and G2 certification programs. It's in your best interest as an employer to ensure that your employees are upgrading their skill sets.

Employee engagement

Studies show that employees find themselves more engaged and invested in their work when they continue to develop and learn new skills through training and development. By having employees receive new training, with a specific objective in mind, it can improve employee retention and their satisfaction within their work.

If you've hired a gas technician and you want them to receive new training, one way to do that is to broaden their skills with programs like our Intro to Residential Air Conditioning course. The specific objective in mind for your employees would be to prepare to take on more roles during summer months when many people need an air conditioning technician.

Intro to AC

Our Intro to Residential Air Conditioning course covers theoretical and practical training dealing with:

  • Residential air conditioning system component identification
  • Tools used when working on residential air conditioning systems
  • Residential air conditioning system theory & operation
  • Residential air conditioning system maintenance
  • Residential air conditioning system installation requirements
  • Basic trouble shooting & service for residential air conditioning systems

The course is similar to pre-apprenticeship courses offered by traditional public colleges. While your employees would not graduate the course with a license or certificate, they will instead graduate with set of skills and knowledge to prepare them to become a residential air conditioning system mechanic. We will provide them with a certification (not a valid trade license), which means that your employees would be legally allowed to work on air conditioning systems once the course has been completed.

Fund the course with the Ontario Jobs Grant

One thing that may prevent employers from sending employees back for further training is the cost. For small business owners it can be difficult to fund such an investment. The Ontario government recently introduced the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. This grant will cover two thirds of the direct training costs, per trainee.

Our Introduction to Residential Air Conditioning course is applicable for this grant funding! There is an application process that you must go through, but once you have been approved you can enrol your employees in our four week program.

For more information on how to enrol your employees in our program and advance their training, contact us for details.

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