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Consider Night School to Get Certified in the Skilled Trades

Posted by Brad Dixon



It isn't uncommon for a career in the skilled trades to be considered by people already in the working world. Maybe they are looking for a new, more rewarding career. Maybe it is time to upgrade their skills. Whatever the reason, getting an education is an investment of both time and money, which means going back to school can be a difficult commitment. In order to afford school, you may need to continue working, but in order to make time for school, you may think you need to leave your job. Luckily, there is another solution — night school.


Dodge the 9 - 5 dilemma

If you have a day-time job or other responsibilities during the day (like taking care of your children, perhaps), Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm class schedule just won't work. And that's ok! Save the classroom for night time. If you can't afford to quit your job, simply go to school when the work day is done. Yes, it will make for some long days, but it will pay off in the end. Consider training to become a Gas Technician and you will be ready to start working in just 7 months! That's nothing compared to having a rewarding career for the rest of your life!


Broaden your horizons

Night courses can broaden your horizons, especially when training to work in the skilled trades industry. With so many skilled trades jobs in Canada right now — with the demand only increasing as baby boomers retire — why not consider getting the education you need for a career you'll love? If you are currently working in a job that isn't as rewarding as you'd like, try to stick it out for a few more months while getting your gas technician license in the evenings.


Night courses can brighten your evenings

Rather than spending your days at work and your evenings on the couch, night classes are a great change to your routine. Not only will you be training towards a new career, but you will also be spending your nights with like-minded individuals with goals similar to your own. You are bound to meet new people and make some great friendships.

And by spending your evenings in a stimulating environment with hands-on learning, you can also fill the void that your stressful or unfulfilling job might be causing. Night school is the perfect place to hone your skills and motivate you to work hard towards that new, more fulfilling career in the trades.


Are you ready to commit your evenings to obtaining the education you needs for the career you want? Click below to find out more about The Skilled Trades' Academy's upcoming night classes.

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