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Career Close-Up: Residential Furnace Technician

Posted by Brad Dixon



Once you successfully complete your gas technician training and certification, your career options are practically limitless. Your Gas Technician license opens doors to skilled trades career opportunities that you may not have even considered before. In our Career Close-Up series, we'll explore the industry jobs you can choose from to help you prepare for the career you want!


Residential Furnace Technician

Furnaces are the workhorses of a home that are typically overlooked until problems arise, which can make life miserable for the homeowners. Furnace repair technicians return a furnace to normal function by interpreting the data from diagnostic tools, such as voltmeters and combustion analyzers, and adjusting system controls accordingly. As a Residential Furnace Technician, you are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing furnaces in residential dwellings. 


What you need to know

When employers are looking to hire Furnace Repair Technicians, they often prefer employees who have completed their Gas Technician license. That means that having your G3 and G2 certification will give you a leg up on the competition, getting you hired into the job of your dreams sooner. The ideal certification training will teach you the theory of temperature control, heat distribution and equipment design as well as give you tons of hands-on learning opportunities, learning exactly how to do what you need to on the devices you'll be using in the field.


Why you should consider this career

As we mentioned a Residential Furnace Technician is a 12-month-a-year career, so you're looking at a job with great security, especially if you consider adding Air Conditioning training to your skill set as well. With HVAC jobs, you'll be looking a weather-proof career that can withstand economic slumps — after all, everyone has a furnace and keeping them maintained is a non-negotiable.

The job market is also looking great for Residential Furnace Technicians; not only are HVAC technicians looking at employment growth of 34% (much faster than other careers), you also have the opportunity for self-employment (16% of Gas Technicians go into employment for themselves.

And the best part? When you get your education at the Skilled Trades Academies — be it at our Niagara campus or Halton campus — you can be out working in just 17 weeks!


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