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Busting Skilled Trades Myths

Posted by Brad Dixon

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The skilled trades industry is an important part of our society and economy — trades people  touch almost every aspect of our daily lives. They build our homes and our cars. They work in  manufacturing, mining, oil and gas. Canada is depends on the skilled trades, they keep our country  going. That said, the skilled trades have gotten a bad reputation, and we aren't sure why. With myths like these spreading, it's no wonder Canada is suffering from a severe skilled trades shortage.  And so, over the next few weeks, we are going to be exposing myths about the skilled trades and revealing the truth. 


Myth 5: Skilled Trade Workers Always Get Laid Off

The myth is based on the assumption where all trades jobs are lumped together. Construction jobs  generally operate on a schedule of heavy work throughout the spring and the summer with lulls  (and layoffs) during the winter months. On the other hand, however, trade service work tends to stay relatively steady throughout the year. 


The reality

Job security is higher for skilled trades workers than most other occupations. Hard workers with skill  will always be in demand. Society relies on functional mechanical and electrical systems and those  systems will always need to be maintained. When the trade service sector slows down, it generally  results in a reduction of hours rather than lay offs. In a worse case scenario, someone with superior  trade skills would find few barriers to establishing themselves as independent contractors. 


Find a 12-month career

To be sure you will have work 12 months a year, consider a career as a gas technician. Licensed gas technicians have no problem finding work year round. It makes sense, doesn't it? After all, with your G3 and G2 certification, you will be licensed to work as a furnace technician or with an  apprenticeship program, be a qualified air conditioning technician. You’ll be in high demand to  make sure everyone is kept cool during the warmer months and warm during those typical Canadian winters. 


The gateway trade

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, gas technician is the gateway trade to so many  other opportunities. As a trade with transferable skills, a multitude of careers become available to  you, providing you with opportunity to work year-round. The need for repairs, replacements and  improvements of mechanical and electrical systems will never become obsolete.


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