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Benefits of Working in the Trades: Job Satisfaction

Posted by Brad Dixon



For the last 15 years, it has been all about working in the business world. People were going to university and studying to achieve that corner office job. Now, youth still think that's where the good jobs are, even though there are fewer opportunities. The job market is definitely in recovery mode after our economy's nosedive but university graduates are not seeing the same success as they used to. It's time young people started looking at other options for steady well-paying jobs.

Skilled trades jobs are the alternative people should be considering. They are on par with those office jobs that used to be so desirable — we've already talked about the myths that need busting. The simple reality is that skilled trades need to be better promoted as viable options to people so that they can make informed decisions about the education they pursue and the jobs that will be waiting for them.


Benefit Five: A Job in the Trades is Satisfying

Above all, the number one factor in overall job satisfaction is being able to use your skills and abilities. People are starting to realize that being happy at work and having a job that is fulfilling is important. After all, no one wants to spend 40 years working in a job that is boring and leaves your miserable. And yet, 70% of people feel that way while working — those with more education are even more likely to dislike their job.

Of course, boredom can happen in any job, but when you are working in the trades, you are working with your hands all day. You're busy, leaving little time to be bored or disengaged.


Find your passion

We don't necessarily mean that you have to find something you love and then get the skills to be successful in that field. What we really mean is that you should find a way to use the skills you have — if you already know you are good and hands-on work and know you love it, get certified in a trade, as a gas fitter for example, and kick start a career you will be sure to enjoy.


Find a work/life balance

It isn't uncommon to see your friends with office jobs constantly checking their smartphones for work emails, no matter what the time of day. Disconnecting from work can be hard to do when everyone is so easily accessible — many people will respond without considering the time. They hop on the computer for what should be just a few minutes and an hour later, they are still there, because work is right in front of them. 

But when you work in the skilled trades, when you go home at night, work is over. You aren't always receiving emails, so it's easy to relax until the next day's work. Of course, overtime hours are always available in many trades, but you get paid a premium then!


Find satisfaction in the fruit of your labour

When you work in the trades, you are doing something tangible — that is, you're fixing something, building something, making something work. You get to see the actual fruit of your labour. You're not spending a day in front of a computer, seeing minimal results, and certainly not anything you can touch. When you can see exactly what you have accomplished at the end of the day, it just feels good. There is a satisfaction that comes from working with your hands that you just can't get anywhere else. For some, it may just be a hobby, but for others, this can lead to a rewarding career in the skilled trades.


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