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Training To Become A Gas Fitter As A Second Career

Posted by Brad Dixon

No one should have to be unhappy in their work every day. If you find yourself unfulfilled in your career and unhappy in your job, it may be time to consider leaving your position and seeking out a new career. This can be intimidating for a lot of people - the thought of leaving a place where, despite perhaps not being happy they have grown comfortable and returning to school as a mature student seems scary. There are ways to overcome this fear, however, and get the education you need to find a fulfilling career.

Overcoming Time Constraints

One fear some adult students have is that they won’t be able to fit going back to school into their life effectively. It isn’t always possible to immediately leave their current job and take time to go to school. This is where part-time education is most beneficial, offering classes at night and on weekend to work around most already working adults’ schedules.

If the thought of staying in school for a significant amount of time seems unappealing and intimidating, there are also accelerated courses that allow students to pass their course and finish in just a few short weeks. At private career colleges you can find even part time courses start and finish faster than a most traditional post secondary programs.

Overcoming Nerves

As a mature student returning back to education, you may feel some anxiety about returning to school with younger students who may have just finished high school. It’s important to remember that these younger students are likely just as nervous as you are.

Anyone who decides to embark on the journey into Gas Technician training and completely their G3 license is taking the next step in their lives, regardless of age. The benefit of going back to school after you’ve already had experience and time in the working world is that you have the real world knowledge you can’t be taught in a classroom - how to organize and manage your time, how to prioritize your work, and interpersonal skills. These will all give you the upper hand as you return to school.

Remember: Prioritize Your Fulfillment

This may sound just a little cheesy, but remember: your satisfaction and fulfillment in your work is the most important thing. No one deserves to go to work every day unhappy. The time is now to take the step towards living a better, happier life by going back to school and learning a trade that makes you happy.

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