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Considering Skilled Trades Jobs? How's your Customer Service?

Posted by Brad Dixon



Working in the skilled trades requires more than most people give them credit for — it's about more than just being good with your hands. It's about understanding ever-changing technology, remembering important safety measures, knowing the math behind what you are doing and delivering excellent customer service.

As a skilled trades worker, it is imperative that you have excellent customer service practices. After all, the quality of your service speaks volumes about you and is essential in acquiring return business and getting referred to new business.


Trust and the trades

There is something that longstanding reputable trades people have in common — they run reliable and trusted businesses. And those businesses are only as strong as their weakest links; which means it's all about who they hire.

When a contractor os trades person enters someone's home to do any kind of work, there is a level of trust instantly bestowed on that worker. People are trusting that the skilled trades worker in their home will act professionally and do the work extremely well. And if there are any red flags that maybe this tradesperson or company won't meet their standards, it's game over. If something makes the homeowner uncomfortable, they will not allow them to spend any amount of time in their home, no matter how capable they are at their skilled trades jobs.


The importance of customer service

Customer service ensures that whoever has hired you for your services is left satisfied with your work. People expect positive experiences when they hire someone or purchase something, and that positivity begins with the first point of contact.

It should come as no surprise that the trades are all about customer service. Whether for a home or business, all work and communication are aimed to please the customer. Of course, a career in the skilled trades relies on your skill and knowledge too, but in the end, it is all about providing a service, and a great one at that.


Good news travels fast

When people are looking for someone to fix their furnace or install their new natural gas barbecue, the first thing they do is ask their family and friends for recommendations. Testimonials are genuine accounts of customer experiences, a telling accound of the way a customer feels about a business, a person or a provided service. By initiating a trusting relationship from the moment you answer the phone through to the installation of the appliance, for example, you can rest assured that those testimonials will be shining and you will get the referrals you need to be successful.


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