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Can I Work On Construction Sites With My Gas Technician Certification?

Posted by Brad Dixon on Sep 15, 2017 3:01:00 PM

Many students who enroll in a Gas Tech course anticipate graduating to begin their career in Gas Technician jobs in Ontario. That isn't what the students who complete their gas tech certifications are limited to, however. When students have completed their certification and are fully licensed to work as an Ontario gas fitter, there are lots of pathways they can choose from where their gas fitter license gives them a leg up. One of those pathways is working on construction sites.

With a G3 or G2 license you can find yourself useful working specifically on gas systems on construction sites, whether they are commercial, industrial, or residential. If you aren't working on gas systems, you'll still find that your training can offer you an advantage as a general labourer.

Safety Training for Handling Tools

One advantage a Gas Technician training gives you is the safety TSSA training you receive. This training gives you the knowledge of how to safely use power tools and devices to check pressure, temperature and flow of gas lines and systems. Not only do you know how to work safely, but you leave your training understanding the importance of safety.

The TSSA not only acts as an advocate for safety in the workplace, but enforces safety regulations. By receiving training from a TSSA training provider, you will complete that training with an appreciation for the importance of using the safest practices in the workplace. This knowledge makes you very valuable on a construction site, where the potential for unsafe situations can be high if there are not advocates on site who understand the importance of safety.

Expertise on Piping and Tubing Systems

On building construction sites, whether residential, industrial or commercial, there is always one thing in common: they need a piping and tubing system of some kind. With your knowledge from your skilled trades education you will know how to design and install these systems. This knowledge makes you incredibly useful in this process, as there is no further training or learning curve for you to assist in this phase in construction.

Having these skills will make you indispensable when it is time to install these systems. Your knowledge will be especially useful when working on systems that lead to furnaces, hot water tanks, boilers, or any other appliances. Not just the piping and the tubing, but running gas lines to these systems can be something you would be able to work on as well. Aside from being a general labourer on site, you may also find yourself as the gas tech expert ready to take on the more technical jobs that others don't have the knowledge for. 

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